Product Catalogue

Product Catalogue

Spring Rolls

Savory Spring Rolls

Flavour Product Code Sizes
Chicken C40 80g / 40g / 30g / 22g
Peppadew Chicken PC30 80g / 40g / 30g / 22g
Beef B40 80g / 40g / 30g / 22g
Duck D30 80g / 40g / 30g / 22g
Vegetable V40 80g / 40g / 30g / 22g
Cheesy potato & Onion CO30 80g / 40g / 30g / 22g
Cheese & Veg CV30 80g / 40g / 30g / 22g


Sweet Spring Rolls (Special)

Flavour Product Code Sizes
Chocolate CH30 30g / 22g
Chocolate & Banana CHB30 30g / 22g
Fig & Butter Biscuit FB30 30g / 22g
Cranberry & Butter Biscuit CB30 30g / 22g
Red Bean 30g / 22g

Spring Roll Pastry

Sheet Size Product Code Description
215 X 215 4014 1box = 14packs X 40pcs (560pcs) (7.6Kg)
190 X 190 5008 1box = 8packs X 50pcs (400pcs) (4Kg)

Mini Buns

Flavour Product Code Sizes
Chicken Bun (Bao) CHBO 30g
Beef Bun (Bao) BBO 30g
Vegetable Bun (Bao) VBO 30g

Vegetable Bites

Flavour Product Code Sizes
Vegetabe Bites VB 15g


Flavour Product Code Sizes
Chicken Dimsum DS 6g

Chinese Dumplings

Flavour Product Code Sizes
Chicken Dumplings CHDM 18g
Beef Dumplings BDM 18g
Vegetable Dumplings VDM 18g


Flavour Product Code Sizes
Cheesy Chicken CCD 18g / 40g
Sweet & Sour Chicken SSD 18g /40g
Mince Beef MBD 18g / 40g
Sweetcorn SCD 18g / 40g
Spinach & Feta SFD 18g / 40g
Potato PD 18g / 40g

Asian Pasta

Flavour Product Code Sizes
Chicken CP 15g
Beef BP 15g
Spinach SP 15g




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